Lattice Teachers

  • Kaley Mounts, Teacher, Room 4

    B.A. - Liberal Arts & Women's Gender Studies

    Credential - Moderate/Severe Special Education


    Kaley began working at Lattice in August 2012 and has been the teacher of room 4 since 2015. She has worked and volunteered in Special Education classrooms, home programs, supported living services, and summer camps, since 2008. Kaley received her Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies in 2014, a teaching credential in mod/severe Special Education in 2017, and her Masters degree in Special Education in 2020 all from Sonoma State.

  • Marcos Martinez, Teacher, Room 3

    B.S. - Kinesiology, Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration

    Credential- Moderate/Severe Special Education

    Marcos began working at Lattice in 2016. He currently teaches in the high school classroom. Marcos has an Associates degree from Napa Valley College from 2013 in Science and Mathematics, and a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology (pre- Occupational Therapy) from Sonoma State (2016). In 2019, he completed a credential in Moderate / Severe Special Education. Marcos plans to continue his education with a Master's in Adaptive Physical Education.

  • Savanna Schafer, Teacher, Room 9

    B.A.- Psychology

    Education Specialist Credential - Moderate/Severe disabilities

    Savanna began working at Lattice Educational Services in 2016. She has a Bachelor's degree in  Psychology and an Education Specialist credential in Moderate / Severe disabilities from Sonoma State. She is currently working on a preschool authorization and a Master of Arts in Education with a Special Education concentration, also from Sonoma State. She has been working with students with disabilities for about 7 years, in home and school settings. Savanna aspires to be the best teacher she can for her students.

  • Shelby Bandula, Teacher, Room 8

    BA- Liberal Studies

    Credential- Mild/Moderate Special Eucation & Multi-subject teaching

    Shelbi graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Liberal Studies in 2014, and received her multiple subject and mild/moderate credentials from Dominican University of California in 2016. During her undergraduate years, she worked at Lattice as an Instructional Assistant. Shelby taught in elementary SDC classrooms in Public schools for 3 1/2 years before returning to Lattice as a teacher in 2020. She completed her Moderate/Severe Special Education Credential through North Coast School of Education in 2020. Her current plan is just to continue learning and growing as a Special Education teacher here at Lattice Educational Services.

  • Clarisa Hernandez, Teacher, Room 6

    BS Kinesiology

    Moderate to Severe Credential in Special Education

    Clarisa Hernandez began working at Lattice over 4 years ago. Clarisa is a Special Education Teacher with late-elementary-early middle school classroom. She graduated from Sonoma State University with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Pre-Occupational Therapy. Clarisa is currently getting her Moderate to Severe Credential in Special Education at North Coast School of Education. Prior to Lattice, Clarisa worked at an after school program for low income students. She has also worked with students with disabilities in the home setting. Clarisa plans to pursue her Master of Arts in Education (M.A) with a concentration in Special Education.

  • Marisela Gudino, Teacher, Room 2

    Multi-subject teaching credential

    Marisela began working at Lattice in 2015 as an instructional aide. After furthering her education with a Bachelor's degree and teaching credential from Sonoma State, Marisela returned to Lattice as a teacher in a transitional level classroom. She has been teaching for 3 years and is continuing her education at Sonoma State for a second credential and a Master's degree in education with a Special Education focus.

  • Jessica Jeffery, Teacher, Room 5/7

    B.A. Theater Arts

    Jessica began working at lattice in 2019. She is currently a Special Day Care teacher in room 5/7. She graduated Fresno State University in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree  in Theater Arts, and is currently working on her Moderate/Severe Special Education credential at Sonoma State University.

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