The Creative Curriculum®  -  Children 2-6 years of age  -  Full-day childcare available

Leap forward with 
The Creative Curriculum®
preschool program!

Lattice Educational Achievement Preschool uses
The Creative Curriculum® as our teaching
guide for planning the day-to-day learning
experiences, activities, and interactions that
children have with their teachers, their peers
and their environment. Our curriculum is
thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging,
developmentally appropriate, culturally and
linguistically responsive, and comprehensive
to promote positive outcomes.

Watch your child learn and explore…

  • Language Development

  • Motor Skills and Self-Help Skills

  • Science and Math

  • Art and Social Studies

  • Literacy, Music and Movement

  • The Creative Curriculum® (Research Based)

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Program Outline

Early Care

7:30am - 8:15am

- Welcoming and self-choice indoor play

8:15am - 8:30am

- Clean up and prepare for morning circle time

Preschool Program

8:30am - 12:30pm

- Preschool session begins
- Group divides into classes
- Wash/bathroom
- Snack
- Circle time in each classroom
- Center time alternates with other
class’s outdoor time (30 min.)
- Movement and music
- Story time


- Preschool session ends and

preschool-only children go home

After Care

12:30pm - 1:15pm

- Clean up and lunch time

1:15pm - 2:30pm

- Children settle into nap and/or quiet time


- First awake group begins

2:30pm - 3:00pm

- Nap items away (toilet/wash)

3:00pm - 3:15pm

- Snack

3:15pm - 5:00pm

- Outside and indoor activities

5:00pm - 5:30pm

- Story time and clean up

Our Staff:

Our teaching staff is selected on the basis
of training and experience and their ability
to provide loving care and attention. This
enables them to plan and carry out the best
quality preschool programs.

Our commitment to you and your child!

Lattice is dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education programs for children 2 through 6 years of age. Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities for young children to help them develop a love for learning and prepare them for future school success. We promote the inclusion of children with
disabilities to support all children in reaching their potential in our school community.

We know how important it is to work with parents to ensure quality time for their child. We have chosen a research-based preschool program, The Creative Curriculum®, which focuses on individual development as well as group dynamic.

Each teacher will provide an outline of the daily schedule, a detailed lesson plan, and the weekly theme for the classroom. Through conferences, newsletters, volunteering and daily reports, we encourage parents to participate in their child’s educational experience.

Your child will receive attention and help throughout
the school day.

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