"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

-Dr. Seuss

Lattice Educational Services, a nonpublic school located in the heart of Sonoma County, provides individualized learning opportunities and resources to students with developmental disabilities.  


Lattice's highly structured and individualized programs assist students in making progress in the areas of functional academics, communication, daily living, and vocational training. Students thrive under the direction of dedicated support staff who work to help students achieve their highest potential.


At Lattice Educational Services, we believe that everyone has a right to education.


Current SDC and BASE Programming:

Welcome to Lattice Educational Services! 

We have posted our calendar for the 2022-2023 school year. 

For Lattice Educational Services COVID-19 plan, please see our resources page. 

We Are


"Lattice is a school where students find loving teachers and aides! Each student is treated as unique with details to each person's fears, hopes, and progress. At Lattice, the love and acceptance of those in charge have changed my grandson's dark days into light - sadness to joy."

-Barbara Pedroncelli


"Lattice has allowed my daughter to thrive and be happy at school. The staff and program are amazing! Any behavioral issues are met with absolute support and understanding. The staff brainstorm to come up with the best options to help your child. You can tell and feel that they all care about helping and doing what's best for the kids. It is a blessing. We would be lost without all of the wonderful people at Lattice."

-Shannon Westover 



"We are so grateful that there is a place that offers curriculum designed to assist our son and help him to improve. [Lattice] has reduced our family stress level immensely by adjusting what they were doing to something that worked for him. At times, the entire staff had to put their heads together to come up with a way to deal with his communication and behavioral problems. He is growing up and doing things we thought we would never see him accomplish. Thank you, Lattice, for being available to our son, as he now feels like he is part of a family and is accepted for who he is."

-Bob Saxon & Sandra Goodwin



"Without Lattice, my daughter would be placed in a learning environment that isn't a good fit for her capabilities. She needs the special services that she is receiving [at lattice] in order for her to grow mentally, physically and socially. Lattice has given my daughter the opportunity to progress. I have seen so much growth within the last year, and she continues to amaze me!"

-Christina Colombana



"Lattice is a safe place where my son feels accepted. It is a benefit knowing that other people are involved in his life that we can trust and rely on."

-Surya O'Shea



"Our son has grown into an amazing young man and I know a lot of it is because of the staff at Lattice"

-Kami Dyer


"Words cannot describe how our life changed with Lattice. We work together to make sure that we are consistent at home and at school. This partnership has not only made our son happier, but in a sense, gave our family our lives back!"




"Lattice means peace to me. I know when my son is there, I can relax. Lattice is the perfect place for my son. He has made so much progress since he has been there. He looks forward to going to school."

-Nora Jividen



"Lattice has helped my son become who he is today."

-Janice Cheney